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motherf*****g pissed

2008-10-20 18:46:59 by TedRube

You have been banned from submitting reviews for the next 3 days.
This is a result of the review you left for Even More Brawl Taunts on 10/20/08 at 8:41:54 AM:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: asshole
Review: Stop being such a prick and posting spam videos on newgrounds. And if you want to spam, don't insult the original author by putting its flash name on your spam. Get a life dude.

The moderator tigerkitty gave the following reason for the ban:

"Your review just adds to the spam. Please refrain from reviewing if you can't offer anything constructive to say. (Although it's better if you just IGNORE THEM)"

This is why I got banned from reviewing for 3 days.

Let's get this straight, ok, maybe my comment may not look helpful and sounds harsh. But that flash is spam and what kind of "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" you expect me to give? Maybe something like this?

"Friend, I find that your flash can be improved and you can do a better job than that."

YEAH RIGHT! That flash is fucking spam and those artists are already famous spammers so 'CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM' will 'really' help them produce good flash. What I did was just to offer a sharp rebuke and ask him not to fill NG with spam. And now, the f*****g irony is that I am getting punished for scolding him and the flash is still alive and kicking. No wonder NG is filled with much crap beccause the moderators like tigerkitty re c**p. I will not be surprised if he/she is a part of the spamming crew his/herself. But I will not shut up if the flash is spam. Apparently, now I accused of giving a spam review when all my reviews are fine. If you don't believe it, you can check my flash reviews and see whether I am really a spam reviewer or a hate reviewer.

Holla if you hear me


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2008-10-20 19:04:46

i hear you, that was such a harsh consequence if you were only telling the truth
check me out and comment^^

TedRube responds:

here's the link:

'Enjoy'! XD