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I got banned

2008-10-21 07:47:21 by TedRube

This is a copy of my review ban for 3 days.

You have been banned from submitting reviews for the next 3 days.
This is a result of the review you left for Even More Brawl Taunts on 10/20/08 at 8:41:54 AM:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: asshole
Review: Stop being such a prick and posting spam videos on newgrounds. And if you want to spam, don't insult the original author by putting its flash name on your spam. Get a life dude.

The moderator tigerkitty gave the following reason for the ban:

"Your review just adds to the spam. Please refrain from reviewing if you can't offer anything constructive to say. (Although it's better if you just IGNORE THEM)"

WELL THANKS A LOT MODERATOR. Apparently, not only Newgrounds is filled with spam, it is also probably filled with spam-minded moderators. My review was not constructive enough? What a fucking joke. I am sure guys you have seen worse reviews like:


"lollololololololololololololololololo lolololololol"

"freaking waste of time"

So my review that rebuke the spammers to gtfo is considered SPAM. So now I am supposed to tell hardcore/full-time spammers like DeadMouseClock and SoraGuy who copied the names of famous flashes and use it to title their spam flashes 'constructive' criticism like:

"Hey buddy :D I feel that your flash could be better if you add some more graphics and music and this could be better."

Do you think spammers like that will ever listen to reviews like thhis? They don't even care when people ask them to fuck off. The point is they just want to keep spamming till Newgrounds run out of space. They will just keep repeating their actions. and ask their crew to vote 5 everyday to prevent blamming.

Let's say you are the president/prime minister of a country and your aggresive and unreasonable neighbouring country next to you keep on launching missles into your territory or it often starts border clashes with your side. Are you going to say to your neighbour, "Look bud, we can chill and relax, drink a cuppa coffee and we can talk about this in best friend fashion." I suppose whether you are American/Australian/British/Chinese, you will say "It's payback time!" and hit them back. Thats what my review is intended to do. Whack the person if he continues to beat you up or bully you. It's time to stand up and defend yourself.

And look at flash review record. 2/3 reviews, people find it helpful, does this make the ingridient of a spammer. And I gave Death619 (better known as I hope your mum is shot and dies you fag)a glowing review about how his flash could be better. His flash AC/DC tribute is decent btw, here's the link:
. I am willing to give good scores if I feel these spammers submit decent flashes.

And to the moderator, tigerkitty, I hope you read this post and think about your actions and comment on this post. Or you can use your more cowardly way, by banning my entire account.

I'm sick and tired of these corruptions.

And if you are wondering what flash caused me to get banned, here it is:
. And surprisingly the 8 reviews have all been deleted and this flash didn't get blammed. What a coincidence!



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2008-10-21 08:12:06

Yea dude i understand, apperantly if you leave a bad rating for a flash in your comment your supposed to leave somthing that would help the flash maker.BUt COMON!!!!!!!! THEY R JUZ SPAMING AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!! Death619 (better known as I hope your mum is shot and dies you fag) i gave him a bad rating and review on a flash (idk if he made it or helped) but i gave it bad review 0/10 stars and a very angry comment. yet even though the review was rated helpful i think it got deleted or so.

(Updated ) TedRube responds:

yep. That's the stupid loophole about newgrounds. Problem is spammers don't even bother about any criticism. They just don't care =X And try to spread this post, the more the people know about this problem, the better.

Good to see we have the same views :D


2008-10-21 08:18:28

fuck you idiot piece of shit. Heres a truth for you. If you are fucking on a crocadile, 27% of the time that same crocodile will bite your asshole off and prevent you from shiiting for the rest of your life. He'll just rip your asshole clean from your ass and in 7 days you will die from non shitting.

TedRube responds:

huh? I am not asking you to like me but least you could do is scold back at me with some relevance to this post. Thank you very much.


2008-10-21 09:11:59

i fucken agree. and the newgrounds staff is too lazy to get off their lazy asses to do somthing about it......

TedRube responds:

buddy i am so glad you can understand the frustrations of NG-users who just want normal flashes on Newgrounds and I do believe there is some case of power-abuse. I feel that maybe some of the moderators are crew members of SPAM crews themselves. I always see so many turds not even blammed yet even though they should really be blammed for eternity. :(


2008-10-21 13:23:55

lol just don't spam man. that's why you get banned


2008-11-01 02:06:10

Thats GAY!

Sucks that things happen like that... life sucks though... n/183016 - Thats pretty explanitory...

Sucks... Holla!


2008-11-01 16:58:28

that sucks big time