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Entry #4

America Decides

2008-11-03 07:54:24 by TedRube

Every American had enough of George Bush so good riddance to the asshole.

Vote Obama or McCain? America decides.

A charismatic 'rock star' or a battle-hardened war veteran (Think Douglas MacArthur)?

A candidate who cares for the middle-class or an candidate who caters more to the wealthy?

A non-aggressive foreign policy towards Iran and Russia? Or a S.O.B attitude of foreign policy towards these two countries?

Black or White? America decides. :D


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2008-11-03 08:19:16

Meff. I'm not American, but GO MCCAIN! Obama has no experience in politics.


2008-11-04 13:03:24

You thought you was rid of me didn't you, you fish fondling fruitcake!
Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-haa! Well I'm back, and here to claim whats rightfully mine,!
I do hope FatBanjo's prescience wasn't too unsettling for you! HO-HO-HO-HO!