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The Insanity The Insanity

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i liked this game

this game is pretty awesome and the audio is mean. However, it's not as scary as i expected since the monsters are still photos or pictures and in fact looked cheesy. Still the twist at the end is very good and i certainly didn't expect it.


Tips about the machine

When the game starts, you will notice there are two buttons on the left and right. The objective is to prevent the saw from reaching your arm at all cost and I really mean ALL COST. Once it reaches the arm, its Game Over. When the saw is approaching from the left, click on the left button to push it back from the arm BUT the saw will come from the right side and you must quick to click on the right button to prevent it from reaching your arm and the saw will go to the left side and vice versa. Once 30 secs passed, you win!

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Warfare 1944 Warfare 1944

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A fair review

I have played the full version in armorgames and i have quite a few criticism to make, so as to make the game better.

1. The campaign can be very frustrating at times, seems to me that the enemies are able to come in numbers that are thrice of mine own forces size and my troops get RAPED, even Eisenhower, will not be able to command the troops to victory.

2. Another grouse is the flanking system. Whereas it's an improvement from Warfare 1917, where troops just go center, the unrealistic part is that despite outflanking the enemy, i can't win yet, which doesn't make sense at all, since most battles are won where the invaders outflank the defenders.

3. One of the upgrades allows you to train riflemen at a cheaper price, which i feel its pointless since riflemen are already dirt cheap, i feel that the reward should be giving a price discount for assault teams since they are more effective and better than riflemen.

4. Grenades should be a must, since every soldier carries it to battle. Maybe make the assault team lob grenades once in a while?

5. Bazooka teams are quite decent at dealing with tanks, will be better if there are two soldiers carrying bazookas.

6. Air support should also include dropping bombs so that it can deal with tanks as well.

7. I prefer the old mortar system, where you can call in mortar easily, instead of training mortar men.

8. Since WWII has much early urban warfare, why not put alleys between buildings where bazooka teams can fire at tanks effectively instead of hiding behind direct cover where tanks can blast you apart.

9. For the next game: please make a Korean War, since its the most forgotten war in the 20th century.

Other than that, GREAT GAME!

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An Eerie Purple Glow An Eerie Purple Glow

Rated 4 / 5 stars

quite well done

Only criticism i have is the cover page because the "next" button is not obvious enough. Maybe you should make it bigger and instead of people moving the cursor to find the damned arrow, just make it stay there as and no need to move the cursor over an area to find the arrow. Sorry about the vague explanation here since i don't use Flash. :P

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Card Game! Card Game!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

funniest shit man

this is a mind-fuck game where it can screw your sanity. The game is really good and the underlying message is the annoying of spam in the internet. :) I nearly lost my mind playing the game. Hope it gets front page.

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Geoffrey's Quest Geoffrey's Quest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

walkthrough since i completed it.

1. Click on the pile of dirt. You get a pair of gloves.
2. Click the water. You now get a shovel.
3. Use the shovel on a rock near the skull, the little one that's under a bigger rock. You discover a hole.
4. Click on the hole, you get a key.
5. Use the key on the chest. You find a ladder.
6. click it.
7. Click on the ground near the skull, at the left site. If it doesn't work, try clicking around there. You should now have the ladder set there.
8. Click on the bone near the water.
9. Click on the ladder. The bone should now appear as another step.
10. Click the ladder again. You'll go to a little house.
11. Click the rake.
12. Click the leaves at the right side of the path. They'll discover something, take it. I'ts a candel.
13. At the window, there is the candle you need for the support you just picked. Click it.
14. Take the little rock at the left side of the path.
15. A bird will pass. Click at it to make it remain still.
16. Click again to throw the rock at it. It will fall to the floor and leave something next to it.
17. Take it, you'll light the candle.
18. Click the right side from the house to go to another screen.
19. There is a little yellow thing lying in the grass, at the right side. Pick it.
20. Use the key at the right side from the cabinet. Get the lamp.
21. Click at the hole from the gutter. You'll get a knife.
22. Click on the left side from the cabinet. You open it, and get another key.
23. Use the key on the garbage can. There's a srewdriver inside, looking like a hotdog. Get it.
24. Use the screwdriver on one of the screws from the vent. Get in the vent.
25. Take the cane next to the bookcase.
26. Click the blue vase on top of the drawers to make it fall. Pick up the lighter out of it.
27. Use the lighter on the weird yellow thing on the table. You get a key.
28. Use the key on the cabinet from the bookcase. You get to see a paper. Click on it to get a code.
29. Click on the combination lock from the drawer, which is next to the vent, where you got the lighter from. It opens.
30. Close it again, and click on the drawers from the table. Get the scissors.
31. Write the code down you get to see when you click and don't release the mouse on the paper in the third drawer from the table. It's K23JJ9G.รง
32. Use the scissors on the painting cord that's on the wall. A book in the bookcase falls down and shows a key, and the painting falls to show a safe.
33. Take the key to open the safe. Take the meat that's inside.
34. Insert the meat in the hole from the bookcase. Click the meat when it's there. You'll find the prison door.
35. Click on the thickest bar from the prison door window. You'll get closer and see a key. Take it.
36. Use the key on the little electric box next to the door.
37. Click on the right inside the box with wires, and get a pin.
38. Use the pin to open the middle drawer from the table. You'll find some gloves. Click on them.
39. Get the little stick on the table, a pen.
40. Insert the pen in the outlet. The prison lock will fall off. Click the door to get inside.
41. You will see a corpse. Read the note in his hand.
42. Click on his hand and grab the key.
43. Use the key on the door to get out.
44. You will see a guy with a shotgun who had fallen asleep. Go to the door on the right and open the cabinet above the sink.
45. Grab the drain plug and place it in the sink. On the cold water tap.
46. Go back to the corridor and click on the bloodied mat.
47. Go back to the bathroom and get the razor. Use it to open the cabinet next to it.
48. Grab the scissors. Go back and use it on that guy. Then take his keys. Open the trapdoor.
49. Pull the plug of the fridge. Then open the closet door and take the metal knob and connect it to the heater.
50. Open the fridge and grab beer bottle. Use it to smash the glass on the lever.
51. Pull the lever.
52. Click on the right arrow and grab the key and the mallet. Use the mallet to even the key.
53. Click on the right arrow again and use the key on the heat box. It will set off a timer on the heat box so you have to type "k53j" fast.
54. Enjoy!

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JunkYardAnimations responds:

u saved me a lot of time, when the time comes i can just copy and paste this onto my walk through page. i hope u enjoyed the game, u must have tho to take the time to do this :)

Insantatarium Insantatarium

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!

Only complaint that it was too short. The color puzzle part was tricky probably cause i did not really know my colors. At least you bother to protect the game from people who just press TAB to know what to click. The plot seems to start out dark, with Santa in an eerie room wondering who kidnapped him, but the end part was shocking but in a way, ridiculous. Smoking weed is supposed to make you 'high', as in feel like you are in paradise, not suddenly dream of being kidnapped. LOL

Well let's hope Santa can kick the habit just like how Obama has recently quit smoking. :D

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Raid Gaza! Raid Gaza!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it's kinda good

The game is good in terms of graphics which are smooth. The game commentary is pretty funny and makes the Israelite sound sadist. Only problem is that the game is not challenging enough and too short. Other than that, keep up the good work. My political view? Just stop this bloodshed once and for all. War is never fun and glorious as portrayed in movies, war is filled with sorrow and that's why ppl always avoid wars. This world is in deep shit already.

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Space Slut Slim Space Slut Slim

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

can be quite pissing at times

This game is good and the tits and pu**y makes it worth it. The girl is quite hot and combos are easily struck. The bad parts are that the fucking anti-pirate robot actually invites MORE pirates to strike me and is pretty useless, like a dummy guard. And the last part, when i click on her to chase her, it went back to the main menu. Hope you can fix this bug. cheerio

Caveman Run Caveman Run

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was quite ok

My complaint is that your game went way TOO FAST for players to start with. Maybe you can slow down the game just a little or set difficulties (easy, normal, hard) as your game may be too discouraging for noobs to continue playing. Good thing is the game graphics is excellent and the gameplay is good, with no glitch at all

Warfare: 1917 Warfare: 1917

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best war game so far

I loved the game and it kept me hooked for 2-3 hours, due to its awesome graphics and simple but addicting gameplay. Good, still certain improvements need to be made.

- Increase the damage the assault team can do to tanks, I find them at most a little useful against tanks but not strong enough.

- Decrease the range of the sniper cause his range is far TOO long, he can take out a whole trench by himself.

- The officer abilities can be added to make him more useful instead of just adding morale or damage bonus which the effect cannot be seen in the first place. Maybe make the soldiers fire at a faster rate when there are officers nearby or if the officer charge with them, make them invulnerable a few times? Most of the time, I can win the battles w/o officers. This is just my opinion though.

- In the next game, maybe you can add like buildings like underground trench bomb shelter or a room that can protect you from gas attacks.

- Please, don't give a half-assed game to NG while putting the full game in Armor Games. We know Armor Games is a flash-game juggernaut, so just put the full versions on both sites and this way we will visit Armor Games cause we liked it, not because we are forced to go there just to play the full game. Newgrounders know Armor Games are great.

Other than that, you get a 10.

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